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  • 19 Feb 2021
  • Jennifer Sharrock



Could rentvesting be the key to building wealth and your dream lifestyle?


In recent years, the concept of rentvesting has grown in popularity as property prices around inner-city suburbs grew rapidly. For example, you may have wanted to enter the property market close to Sydney's CBD but didn't have a large enough deposit saved. With rentvesting, you can invest in one area you may not live in while renting in your dream neighbourhood.

Rentvesting gives you the best of both buying and renting as you'll have entered the market, but you'll also have the opportunity to live wherever you like. You may, for example, be able to afford to buy in an area where the mortgage repayments will be $3,500 per month, while renting in the same area may cost $1,800 per month. If you rented in the area, this would leave you with $1,700 to invest in a property. There are many pros and cons to this strategy which we've outlined below.


What are the pros of rentvesting?


One of the key pros of rentvesting is the ability to live in a wide range of suburbs. Some highly sought-after areas are affordable for renting, whereas buying in the area may be very expensive. Renting in such an area may give you access to good schools, a safe neighbourhood, a higher standard of property and lifestyle amenities.

Enjoy the perks of being a tenant

As a property investor, you know that all repairs and maintenance are the landlord's responsibility. Rentvesting allows you to take advantage of this convenience while any repairs and maintenance on your investment property are a tax deduction.

Location flexibility

One of the best parts about renting is that you can live in a range of areas, choosing to try somewhere else once your current lease ends.

Higher borrowing power

If it works for your financial situation, rentvesting may give you more borrowing power once you factor in the ongoing rent you expect to receive from the property. Over time, this could increase your net worth and borrowing power to continue growing your investment portfolio.

What are the cons of rentvesting?

While there are many benefits to rentvesting, there are also some downsides you need to consider. These downsides include loss of capital gains tax exemptions, less freedom with personalising the property you rent and the uncertainty of renting.


Depending on your desired lifestyle and wealth-building goals, rentvesting may be a strategy that could work for you. Make sure you speak with a qualified financial adviser to discuss your situation and long-term goals before making any significant financial decisions.


Remember, this article does not constitute financial or legal advice. Please consult your professional financial and legal advisors before making any decisions for yourself.


PS: What a client had to say;

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for being an amazing property manager, it has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you and you are an amazing women. Thank you for being you, we all think you are awesome.
I would also like to wish you and your Family a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.
Looking forward to 2017, I hope you are too


Jodie King & Chris Nugent

- Jodie King & Chris Nugent
Mango Hill

Lance Field

I have known Jennifer for 8 years, I first met her when I needed to list my property for sale.

The property was situated at 11 Alice Street Mango Hill, Queensland.
From the start she was very friendly and professional, I was working away at the time and had no-one to look after the pool and garden while I was not there which made attracting potential buyers very hard, but through persistence, road blocks and other unseen forces Jennifer eventually sold my property.

Jennifer is a very hardworking professional and caring agent, there are no smoke screens or false promises from her, not like other agents.
I would highly recommend Jennifer to look after the sale of any property.
Thank you again for all the effort you put into selling my place.

- Lance Field

Robert and Gaelle

Hi Jennifer

Just a short note to say thank you for acting on our behalf in the sale of Grayling Court house.

Behind the scenes, the sale was comparable to a Cecil B. DeMille production of The Ten Commandments.

Thanks again,
Robert and Gaelle

- Robert and Gaelle